New Moon

~ October 12-13th 2015 ~

Bring to light your dreams!

Every day gives new discoveries. Every new moon cycle gives new beginnings for manifesting intentions. The monthly spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual can facilitate miraculous impact and transformational change in your life.

We have weathered some strong energy seasons over the past few months with supermoons, several strong eclipses, plus mercury retrograde having its stirring energy effects on communication. These combinations may have caused some life reckoning that now begs to be brought into balance.

Now is that time to “write it right”! Access what is now ready for some internal settling for you.

Use this manifesting time to break free from heavy stifling energies. A natural lifting will happen with the inquiry.
Are you ready…
To turn toward the truth of your heart’s knowing?
To let your soul speak?
To connect to your life’s dreams?
To bring attention to your heart’s real and true intentions?

Now is the time for not holding back what is ready to be written into your life by you… for you and… WITH you. You are not alone. You are already connected to your greatest possibilities to be reconciled, restored and manifested into form.

Take the sacred time to “write it right” (pen to paper), antenna to God/Source, the Universe and bridge the connection of your inner world with your outer world for your beautiful rich life.

You are an intentional spark of creation with an immeasurable innate capacity to unfold in GREATNESS. Take the time to let your light shine in your heart’s treasures of truth.

Feel the miraculous impact that is now ready for you.
You are already connected to what you need next.
Call it forth.
Name it.
Claim it.
Shine on~

The Manifesting New Moon Ritual  has the same common thread of connection. Become a part of an extraordinary global event every month on the evening of the new moon, when we collectively set our personal intentions by manifesting the light of our hopes and dreams.



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