Manifesting New Moon Ritual

February 8, 2016

Let your light shine on the heart of what matters. It is time to open your heartfelt treasure chest of dreams. Give attention to your intentions. Create miraculous momentum. 

Are you ready to catch the wave of miraculous momentum for 2016? It’s here if you can get to the heart of what matters and allow it to mend. In recent times, we have all been going through quite a bumpy energy ride to “mend what matters”. February’s new moon cycle can give a significant change of heart. We can open fuller to what we have been longing for in the heart of our own matters.

During this powerful time of new beginnings, you can give intention and shine the light to help facilitate your own mending. For each of us, it will be in different arenas of our lives calling forth a deep mending to what matters.

We witness it as many worldly powers are being called to task and asked how to “mend what matters”.

It’s at the forefront of the political debates. It’s at the forefront of eco-climate conversations. It’s at the forefront of our humanity. It’s right now in our relationships to each other and planet Earth.

I know for myself, it feels like it has been in every sector of my life personally and with my family. Keep “mending what matters” has been the mantra of healing and change for me lately. Whether it has been from broken bones, to injured arms or a new leg for me. That’s touching only the physical realm for me too. Every life area, I have been called to “mend what matters”. It’s beautiful and liberating to get inside what life is asking, instead of resisting life’s unfoldment.

Be the heart of the change you seek. What is the “mending what matters” arena for you?

Financial/Value Exchange

Living inside the mending of what matters is the powerful spiritual glue that creates miraculous momentum toward hopes, dreams and intentions. Instantaneously!

You can make a significant shift and move with your own miraculous momentum. Give yourself permission to take a pause and have some distraction detox time. Let your heart matters speak. Write it right (Antenna to God/Universe/Source). Light your candle.

Use the manifesting new moon ritual to accelerate transformation.

Shine the light of hope.
Give your intentions life.
You matter. Your dreams.
Mend what matters
Create miraculous momeumtum for 2016.
Shine on ~


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