Today – I Am ….

Today - I am feeling stronger than ever…

Today - I am feeling clearer than ever…

Today - I am making a run for it!

Today - I trust the perfection!

Today - I know a miracle is happening…

Today - I am inspired with original ideas!

Today - I am safe and protected!

Today - I am grateful…I am empowered from the highest place of truth inside me.

Today - I am victorious and triumphant in my endeavors!

Today - I give my best…and it is good…really good!

Today - I speak loving to all I encounter because what I have to give is love…

Today - I am sharp in mind… soft in heart….

Today - I hold my whole life up to the highest light and know…I am untouchable to the dark…

Today - I do what life asks of me.

Today - I know…

Today - I am …


Symbols of Abundance Mantra

Symbols of Abundance Mantra

Thank you… for the symbols of abundance that continue to show up in my life.

Empower your week with the recognition and sharing of LIFE’S overflowing presence and abundance that is here to be celebrated!
With holy gratitude give deep reverence to the symbols of abundance that continue to show up for you.
Find as many magic moments as you can this week of the movement of abundance.
Acknowledge and speak with silent reverence…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Let the energy expand for you. 

Abundance Gratitude Mantra

by Anne Ribley | 11 Minutes


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by Anne Ribley | 35 Minutes

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Light of Possibility Mantra

Light of Possibility Mantra

I am the light of possibility. Liberated & Free!

Your past doesn’t define you. Your present doesn’t have to confine you either. Your true essential self is the light of possibility! There is your peace to know you are liberated and free!

Move through your day and week knowing you have access always to the light of prosperous possibilities!

Welcoming. Golden. Warming. Liberated and Free…

Light of Possibility Mantra Intention

by Anne Ribley | 11 Minutes

7 Easy Steps to Manifesting New Moon Ritual

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Synergistic Support Mantra

Synergistic Support Mantra

I am connecting to synergistic support and I am calling it forth!

You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to carry it “all” either. 

Connect to the natural synergistic energy ready to conspire with you and for you. Tap into it. Connect with it. Claim it. Call it forth… and receive the support when it shows up! Lift your manifesting intentions with ease and grace by calling on synergistic support. Simply saying… “synergistic support come forth” conspires the energy toward you!

Synergistic Support Mantra

by Anne Ribley | 5 Minutes

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